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The Optimal Health Chiropractor enables you to receive treatment for pain and aches in the comfort of your own home. We offer same-day service, so there is no waiting time or hassle involved with getting better as soon as possible. Our chiropractic doctors bring all the necessary equipment needed to start treating you within minutes of arriving at your doorstep!

Concierge Chiropractic care is a type of health service that offers patients more time with their doctors and specialized quality attention. Patients are the beneficiaries of significant savings as well as easier access to community-tailored healthcare needs due to lower overhead expenses accrued by this practice model. Concierge chiropractors report higher job satisfaction because they get an opportunity to take the time to talk with their patients and use skills in ways they were trained for – without needing insurance billing or office space!

A doctor who specializes in chiropractic medicine will come to your house within a few hours of requesting the appointment. They wear personal protective equipment that protects you and themselves from any illness or disease transfer, so there is no need for concern. The consultation begins with asking about background information such as medical history, present condition, etc., followed by a physical evaluation which pinpoints what exactly needs treatment. Treatment can then be done safely and effectively when it has been determined just where the problem lies; post-treatment instructions are also given before they give other recommendations on how to treat this issue again at home if necessary!

If you’re in pain, a chiropractor may be the answer. This type of doctor is specially trained to diagnose and treat muscle-related problems that affect your spine or other parts of your body. When combined with soft tissue therapy such as physical therapy, we can help relieve any number of painful ailments ranging from chronic neck stiffness to acute back spasms caused by lifting something heavy without proper preparation. Experience has shown that manipulation when done correctly will alleviate stress on damaged joints while relaxing muscles which leads to both an increase in range of tension and mobility reduction; all this means less postural irregularities are likely going forward because they have been corrected through corrective care conducted by our skilled practitioners.

Dr. Eric Smith understands that many people have busy schedules and is proud of his ability to provide convenient at-home treatment for the most common pains and aches. The center offers same-day service, meaning you can feel much better without having to leave your house or office!

If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (305) 506-1709.

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Dr. Eric Smith – The Optimal Health Chiropractor has a 5-star rating with more than 60 reviews on Google. Check out what patients say about us after one visit.

"Dr. Smith was very knowledgeable and thorough with my initial examination. The office was clean, inviting and in a very accessible location downtown. The staff was great and my treatment was top notch. I will definitely be back for some maintenance work. Thank you Optimal Health Chiropractic!"
Eric Roberson
"Dr. Smith is not only excellent at what he does, but he is an incredibly nice person. Very honest and ethical. I have been his patient for 5-6 years, and I would not change him, especially since it is really hard to find a good Chiropractor; Dr. Smith is excellent...Excellent practice, I highly recommend it."
Wayo Alvarez
"Went in for my weekly chiropractic adjustment, and long overdo massage at Optimal Health Chiropractic and Rehabiltation! Feeling outstanding!! Highly recommend! Dr. Smith is professional, informative, and walks the walk when it comes to overall health!"
Justino Santiago
"I’ve been seeing Dr. Smith on and off for over 4 years. He’s not only has he helped me with my back issues, he is now helping me achieve my weight loss goals. He is always willing to answer my questions, even on the weekends, and has been extremely positive and supportive of the goals I’ve set this year... "
Stephanie Foy

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