Is your business, group or event looking for a speaker or massage team to come to you? We can do that!  We provide our FREE educational and healthy services to all types of venues and institutions.

Here is a list of topics that we can do lectures and educational talks about in YOUR event!


ENERGY  – How to recover after the holidays

IMMUNE SYSTEM  –  Boost your immune system in 21 days

HEALTHIER KIDS  –  What every parent needs to know

LOW BACK  –  Bullet proof your low back

WEIGHT LOSS  –  Get 15 pounds healthier in 15 weeks

SPORTS INJURIES  –  End those sports injuries, get back in the game

INFLAMMATION  –  Don’t burn out: the truth about inflammation

NECK PAIN  –  Stop neck pain forever

HEADACHES  –  End headaches now

SLEEP PROBLEMS  –  Sleep better tonight

GUT HEALTH  –  How to reduce your risk of chronic disease

STRESS  –  Stressed out? The holiday red zone.