We are currently open with modified hours and operating in compliance with the CDC and WHO recommendations. Due to the fact that we are considered an “essential service provider”, and we are primary care physicians in Illinois, we feel it is our responsibility to support our community and our other healthcare providers that are serving on the front lines. We have remained open in effort to allow people with musculoskeletal issues/pain to get treatment without needing to go to their PCP providers, Urgent Care or the ER due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. We are trying to stay open as long as we can to lessen the burden on these other providers (heros) that are needed in this very trying time, as well as, lessen the exposure for our patients who we would not want to seek treatment at these facilities due to significant increased risk of exposure.

In order to safely care for patients that have musculoskeletal pain we have established the following measures to prioritize patient safety during this time:

  • For patients who are in pain and are not comfortable coming to the office we are providing over the phone consultations with our providers. Often times we are able to diagnose and give recommendations without you needing to come in to the office. We are also able to provide video guided one on one physical therapy exercises by our physical therapist for ongoing support while people are isolated to their homes. In addition, we are currently working on a telehealth program for patients that require more frequent visits so these visits can be done virtually without leaving the comfort of your home
  • We have temporarily consolidated our staff so that there are no more than 5 people in the office at one time (this includes staff and patients). All people in the office are in separate rooms. The current guidelines for a healthcare practice mandates less than 10 people however, we feel the less people around the better in this situation.
  • When you arrive for your appointment there should not be a wait for your provider however, when you arrive please call the front desk if you would like to wait in your car or outside and the provider will greet you and take you immediately back to the room.
  • We have spaced out our waiting room chairs to be more than 6ft apart to keep appropriate distance (there shouldn’t be anyone else in the waiting area).
  • We are allowing more time between patients to thoroughly disinfect the room, tables and all surfaces between patients according to CDC guidelines.
  • At this time all cancellation fees will be waived to allow for flexibility and comfort in scheduling. Thus, if you decide that you are not comfortable leaving your house to come to an appointment there is no time restriction on when we will need notification.
  • Pre-appointment screening: We are requiring anyone who does not feel well to cancel their appointment. We will be calling prior to your appointment to ask screening questions. If you were sick with in 14 days we will need to reschedule your appointment. If you have had a fever within 14 days we will need to cancel your appointment.
  • Our staff will be taking patient temperatures prior to each visit upon your arrival at the office as well as all of our staff will be monitoring their temperature 2 x each day.

While we all navigate through these difficult times together, we recognize that we are in a position to support the collective fight against COVID-19, and we feel it necessary to do our part to help combat this virus. We are very thankful for the continued support of our patients and staff. We will continue to share updates in the days ahead if our situation changes.

Please feel free to call our office if you have any other questions or concerns at (312) 879-1979.

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