Optimal Health Chiropractic is located on the 84th floor of Willis Tower. You will need to take the elevators that first reach the 66th floor, then take the elevator to the 67th floor, walk down the hall to the right where you will see the elevator bank that will take you to the 84th floor. Please walk to the reception area off of the elevators to be greeted.

Out of Tower Patients:

Please bring a photo ID (passport, drivers license, or IL state issued ID) to access the Willis Tower located at 233 S. Wacker Drive between Adams and Jackson streets. Entrances to the building are located on Franklin Street and Wacker Drive. Stop at the security desk to obtain your visitors badge.

When you enter the new space you will see a receptionist that will let us know you are there. We are looking forward to continuing providing quality care for you in our new location. Thank you to Lori Ziesmer and her team at Work Better for allowing the asset of Chiropractic care to continue in the Willis Tower.

See you soon!

Dr. Eric Smith
Optimal Health Chiropractic and Rehabilitation
(312) 879-1979