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Enzyme Nutrition Therapy Services In Miami

With our enzyme therapy program, we can help people with chronic stomach conditions such as heartburn and acid reflux. It also helps symptoms from arthritis and improper digestion to osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, high cholesterol levels, or blood sugar imbalances for example. This treatment is not only effective in the digestive tract, but it has many other benefits that will improve your health on a whole new level!

Enzyme therapy is a science that uses the food we eat to restore, maintain, and promote our health. It works by providing us with essential nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals which are lost in processed foods like those found on supermarket shelves. Enzymes are the key to all life. They facilitate every chemical reaction in your body and play a major role in digestion. Without enzymes, food would not be able to break down for transit into our bloodstream where it can fuel us with energy!

Enzymes have an important job – they act as catalysts that help speed up natural biochemical processes like breaking down carbohydrates or digesting proteins, so we don’t get sick from them accumulating too quickly inside of us! But without these tiny helpers living cells couldn’t metabolize efficiently because there is no way anything could survive without having enzyme production always running full throttle!

Treating chronic and acute aches can be a difficult process, but it may not need to be if you are willing to consider dietary modification and the inclusion of food enzyme supplements. These have been extremely helpful for me in treating my patients with arthritis, herniated discs, stenosis, or sciatica- just by modifying their diet!

Dietary modifications such as cutting out hard foods like bread will help reduce inflammation while also aiding digestion due to increased exposure time between digestive enzymes. In this way, your body has more energy available which is needed when recovering from illness or injury- without feeling hungry all the time! Food enzyme supplementation provides these same benefits plus many others including improved detoxification pathways and decreased risk of allergies.

While food enzyme supplements can be taken in combination with other natural treatments such as glucosamine and chondroitin to help slow cartilage degradation, supplements can also be effective on their own! Enzymes are very delicate molecules that are easily destroyed by cooking, pasteurization, or heat but are vital to our bodies for transforming food into cellular fuel.

Some of the more common symptoms of digestive dysfunction that can be helped with digestive enzyme supplementation include Gas, Bloating, Diarrhea, or Constipation.

Food enzyme supplements can help us digest our foods more efficiently and absorb more nutrients from them. This eliminates the need for drugs that promote stomach acid which can burn our esophagus and may cause intestinal inflammation. They also provide us with amino acids, minerals, electrolytes, and the B vitamins our bodies require to build muscle tone and heal wounds.

Call us if you are interested in knowing more about enzyme therapy and how it can help you! The body is an amazing machine and our digestive tract is one of its greatest systems. Let’s take care of it while we still can.

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