PaleoCleanse Plus™ Detoxification Program

PaleoCleanse Plus is a new approach to detoxification designed to improve patient compliance and improve outcomes.

PaleoCleanse Plus redefines detoxification with a superior detox support formulation that actually tastes good, provided in single serving packets that are convenient for patients to use. The program combines this exceptional detox shake with capsule packets that deliver two important benefits:

  1. Digestive support to improve digestion and elimination during the program.
  2. Extra support for Phase II detoxification to reduce the accumulation of intermediate metabolites and thereby minimize the possibility of negative ‘detox’ side effects.

Yes we’re not kidding; a detox shake that actually tastes good

Good Taste

  • Single serving powder packets to make it easy to do the program at home, at work or anywhere


  • Effective support for detoxification
  • Extra support to improve satiety
  • Formulated to minimize the possibility of negative ‘detox’ side effects

Superior formulation

  • Outlined simply in the Patient Guidebook

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