Dr. Eric specializes in correcting your body’s misalignments, spinal and postural correction as well as strengthen your body’s neuromuscular pathways. Our goal is to ensure that your spine and the rest of your body are balanced and communicating effectively. To do so, we will help you develop a plan that will require light stretching, spinal correction treatments, some therapeutic exercise and chiropractic adjustments.

It is our number one goal to have you healthy, moving well with optimal postural alignment and to maintain your health in a holistic manner. Every time that you enter our doors, we will evaluate how the last session went so that every appointment is a step in the right direction. No matter how you hurt yourself, we will find a comfortable way to safely help you and we will do our best to get your body to a state where you can prevent injuries.

If you have any questions regarding restorative care, contact us today.