Do you need help figuring out how much to eat?

Not sure what and when to eat?

Not able to control your weight in the direction you want?

Dr. Smith is now offering online nutritional and habits coaching to help you achieve your goals. There are various plans to help you achieve your desired results depending on how much support you need.

Bronze Plan –  Online nutritional plan built specifically for you and online educational coaching so you CAN keep your results. Building a lifestyle that is sustainable is KEY! Let us show you how to live the life you want and get the results you desire.

Silver Plan – Same great plan as Silver but you get one 15-30 minute coaching session each month with Dr. Smith over the phone or in the office. Most people see more success with being help accountable. This plan works great for a lot of people!

Gold Plan – Need a bit more support and accountability? This program is for you. Twice a month Dr. Smith will work with you directly on your habits and nutrition.

Select which plan works best for you below! Monthly with NO contracts. 

Coaching Options